Anonymous asked:

Did you start exercising before or after surgery? What did you start with?

Gastric Kaleigh Answer:

Yes I was definitely exercising before. I was walking/attempting running, going to the gym, all for at least 30 minutes 3 days a week. I was essentially getting myself ready for my new lifestyle so the transition would be easy. I’ve always been active anyways, so I didn’t mind it.

And let me tell you! After the first 30-50lbs fell off (once doctor okayed me to work out) IT WAS SO EASY! I went for a run, and I felt like a marathoner compared to what it used to be like. All of the sudden I could breathe! Once you get on that “fitness high” you get addicted. I was going to the gym 5 days a week. Trying new workouts. And most importantly, looking good in my work out clothes ;). Just don’t let anything get you off track. That was my mistake one summer. I lost that motivation and I’m just getting it back now.

Anonymous asked:

What would you say are essentials to buy for post op? Also how long did you have to do the liquid diet and was that part hard?

Gastric Kaleigh Answer:

  • Protein shakes… a shit ton of them. (My favorite is Target’s brand of protein shake… chocolate flavor tastes like nesquick!)
  • Little tupperware things to make sugar free jello and portion out.
  • Cool water bottles that don’t involve a straw or any kind of sucking. 
  • Sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles
  • Anything you need to make your bed as comfortable as possible because you will HATE sleeping on your back for the first two or three weeks.
  • Sweatpants/shorts that aren’t tight in the waist band (they’ll be big soon anyways)
  • Chicken broth if you’re into that. (I wasn’t)
  • Some goal pants! Because you need something to look forward to!!!
  • A wicked awesome mirror, because you are gonna be looking at yourself allllll the time.
  • A trusty scale, if you are going to be keeping track. You’ll have moments when you hate the scale, but you guys will be friends after like 3 days of hate. (Short stalls between new eating phases)

So usually you have to do the liquid diet for about two weeks pre-op. They usually allow you one meal of just protein and vegetable though. Smart ones/Lean Cuisine/ Healthy Choice were my go-to. Then after surgery you’re strictly liquids for another 2 weeks, but even after that you’re still mostly liquids.

Full honesty, the pre-op liquid diet was probably the hardest thing ever. By day three I was crying because I wanted to eat, but once past that day you get used to it. Just make sure you drink tons and tons of water between shakes. Post-op it’s no big deal. It’s more of a struggle to be drinking enough liquids, and make sure you are constantly sipping. NON STOP… or you will pass out.

Anonymous asked:

what was your highest weight?

Gastric Kaleigh Answer:

My highest weight before even knowing about surgery was 310lbs (approx.) When deciding to have the surgery my highest weight was 294lbs from what I remember. Day of surgery I was approx. 284lbs.

I realize more and more every day I’m an extreme extrovert

I neeeed social interaction in order to function. Need it!

Observation 1: I have been working at this new job for 3 weeks now and haven’t met many people. I feel so fucking lonely in an office of 200 people! TALK TO ME DAMN IT! Quit walking by and smiling. I want to be your friend!

Observation 2: Since getting this new job, I haven’t gone out on the weekends… This is a huge fucking deal. I LOVE going to bars. I love talking to strangers, and making friends. So for 3 weeks now I haven’t gotten that social interaction with the NYC bar scene that I love… and I’m literally bored with life because of it. I’ve stayed home and read books and internally struggled through all of it, but I haven’t gotten my first paycheck so I couldn’t go out anyways.

What I need: A boyfriend or some sort of man dating situation. Someone to hang out with, and pay attention to my extroverted attention needs.

I’m now laughing at myself.

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i cant stop my hair loss and it makes me want to cry really bad

:( does anyone know any repairs or something to help me? i really cant find anything that can keep my hair from breaking and falling out. it is weight loss surgery related, so i did expect my hair to do this, but close to two years out and it’s still really bad.

Get that shampoo that’s for horse hair. It’s a navy blue and yellow bottle. I think it’s called Horse and Mane. It worked wonders for me until I chopped my hair short to even it all out.

That’s another option! lol Chop your hair into a cute pixie and no one  will notice it being thin, and then when it grows back you’ll have thick hair again… that’s another thing that worked wonders for me, but it’s a bit more daring.

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1: What is your goal for the rest of the year?

Move out of my sister’s house and into my own apartment in Manhattan or Hoboken.

2: If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?

I’d live in London for sure. I’m pretty sure I belong there. I like the english so much more than Americans.

3: What is your favorite thing about the weekend?

Going out and meeting people!

4: How do you pick out names for pets?

If it sounds like a frumpy old lady or old man name then it’s perfect for a bulldog… which is the only animal I need in my life. (Agnes is my #1 pick)

5: Favorite song?

If I have to pick one I think it’s “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey

6: What’s the strangest talent you have?

I can blow bubbles off my tongue

7: What was your childhood nickname?

Bugsy. My sisters still call me it.

8: What is your best physical feature?

My eyes or freckles

9: What color are your bed sheets?


10: Coffee or Tea?


Your Questions:

1) What is the biggest regret you have?

2) Who is your celebrity crush?

3) What is your biggest pet peeve?

4) Favorite board game?

5) How old were you for your first kiss?

6) What is on your perfect sandwich?

7) Who would you bring back from the dead if you could?

8) What year would you travel to if you had a time machine?

9) What song gets you dancing every time it comes on?

10) Toilette paper over or under?

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Typical drunken me. Now that I got this “real” job, this Kaleigh is retiring. Time to grow up….. Okay I still will probably drink lots of dark beers at McSorely’s cuz I love it there, but I won’t spill them all over me.

Typical drunken me. Now that I got this “real” job, this Kaleigh is retiring. Time to grow up….. Okay I still will probably drink lots of dark beers at McSorely’s cuz I love it there, but I won’t spill them all over me.